Individual Consideration in Transformational Leadership

Individual Consideration in Transformational Leadership

Individual Consideration in Transformational Leadership

Loon et al., (2012) Individual consideration is leadership movement when leaders are tries to inspire and motivate their followers by giving them a sample of leadership in a great characteristic, for example, leaders have to maintain and having positive attitudes at work. So every employees or followers will easily copy their leaders great attitude, it will be a great process that will support and motivate leaders and followers to interact and help each other’s in their transformational leadership movement (Joo, 2012). And individual consideration will support leaders to easily organize a great and potential candidate in company, this is important for leaders in to build candidate before preparing them with great skills in leadership and innovation. Had been proven by researcher and shows in many articles, that individual consideration is a part of transformational leadership, when leaders able to shows their positive individual and characters, that will inspire followers and positively influence the company working system (Bass and Avolio, 1990). Bi et al., (2012) But individual consideration also influence followers to work more or less in effectiveness in their working system. Individual consideration is also a part of transformational leadership that will bring more value and powerful influence into the emotion and behavior of followers. It is shows to us that individual consideration will bring great influence into company working system and performance, when leaders can bring positive influence into their followers working system and use individual consideration as a great motivational to the entire followers working system.

Bass and Riggio’s (2006) Individual consideration is the biggest influence in leadership model (transformational leadership). Individual consideration in transformational leadership movement, become the turning point of followers understanding about in how they can increase the quality of company working performance. This turning point of a better understanding in how to increase the quality of company working performance started from the positive effects of the individual consideration, it produce the characterization of follower’s behavior.

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