Charisma in Transformational Leadership

Charisma in Transformational Leadership

Charisma in Transformational Leadership

Tichy and Ulrich (2008) found charisma will bring the strength of vision and mission in transformational leadership movement; it will help transformational leaders to become a strong successor in company business environment. Bi et al., (2012) Charismatic leaders is the icon of the company and by charisma leaders can be easily to inspire others. And they also mention in their article about charisma in transformational leadership movement will generate synergy of working together when transformational leaders and followers can achieve their goals by having a great relationship.

Brown, W. and May, D. (2012) found most of company business movement driven by charismatic leaders. It will influence the entire business movement, to have a better quality of improvement and continuously increasing the level of company working performance. Researcher also found, most of followers are depending on their charismatic leaders working performance that will inspire them to work with a better quality of working performance. Charismatic leaders will fully transform a better company culture and business environment in any single business activities. And followers will watch their charismatic leaders as their icon and sample and as a leader which always bring positive influence into a company future in achieving goal and target on innovation growth.


Not only that but charismatic leaders also will promote their movement by positively influence followers personality and attitude toward the work in any single activities. Researcher also tried to finalize in how charismatic leaders will influence their followers character and attitude. The answer is by transforming the influence in personal benefit to the entire followers, so they will see and have the encouragement to do the same in their working activities.


Popper (2002) found on his research, charismatic leaders will focus more into their follower’s success achievement to produce a better quality of products and services, which charismatic leaders will provide a better business development so followers will become more productive and also charismatic leaders are person that always help their followers in business and innovation growth.

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